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SASU started its manufacturing story with seafood industry in 2002.

SASU continues its production journey with a varied product range in the ready-to-eat food category in its creative, contemporary, and fully automated facility over an area of 20,000 m2, meeting customer expectations in the digitalized age with practical and complementary products.


Master of Taste...

We, as Sasu, have passion for the moments full of taste and take our places at the many tables every day.

Behind the many delicious frames there is great care and happiness with plenty of flavor of our products.

More Than Taste...

In order to deliver quality and delicious food to our consumers, we select the raw materials with great attention.

All of our products are produced with special touch according to international taste standards to serve the best flavours possible.

We are growing continuously in the most delicious way..

All of our products are enjoyed in more than 40 countries!

We track the logistic chains of our products from the center which all of our national and international trades operate.

Our Environmental and Sustainable Approach...

With our sustainability strategy, we act with the awareness of leaving a better world for the future generations. The process begins before the production journey. We select our suppliers who catch the fishes with Sustainable Fishing methods and have the relevant certificates. We recycle the fish waste generated during production as raw materials in the feed industry.

We supply the energy required for production with Solar Energy Systems in our factory, which are Renewable Energy Sources.

We contribute to sustainability with the waste water and emission treatment systems located in the operation area.

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