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Producing high quality consumer goods starts with the quality of the production process.


Fresh Fish

The fishes that live in deep water are directly included in the cold-chain system once they are caught and arrive to our facility in the cold chain system by refrigerated vehicles. Before production process, our engineers make the required analyses, controls and approve the production.
From start to end, we carry out all fish (tuna, salmon) canning steps at our hygienic and automated facility.


We recommend you to consume fish, source of omega-3 and protein, at least twice a week.

Fatty acids in tuna fish make your skin and hair gain a shiny appearance. People who eat tuna regularly seem younger compared to their age.

Thanks to the high amount of omega-3 it contains, tuna substantially helps the blood’s triglyceride values decrease. Tuna is also recommended for patients who have cardiovascular diseases.

Tuna fish and omega-3 helps the symptoms of infantile attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

You can increase your protein intake with tuna fish. On average, 22.5% of a drained 100-g canned tuna is protein. This approximately corresponds to 40% of the protein amount that is needed to be taken by a human weighing 70 kg.

Consumption of the fishes rich in fish oil (tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardine, etc.) reduces the risk of asthma in children.

Eating fish reduces your risk of catching heart diseases, and increases your chance of surviving any hearth heart attack.

Stress-related aggression is less frequent who consume fish and/or fish-oil in sufficient amounts.

Tuna also contains 10% of the base amino-acids that must be taken by the human body. Body uses such amino-acids for protection of the tissue health, proper function of the brain functions, and the hormone balance.

Fish consumption supports the brain development for children.

Omega-3 prevents the Alzheimer disease, and reduces the joint-disorder-induced pains for adults.