Company Profile

The taste and the quality of our products is our priority.


SASU is specialised at sea-products processing which started operation in 2002. It is one of the reputable companies of the sector with its expert and experienced team.
On its processing plant established on a 20,000-m² area, SASU follows the national and international production and marketing trends in the sector.

Adopting the continuous innovation and development with consumer-wise service concept as a principle, SASU has accelerated its innovation activities in recent years, and has brought the product range of “Sauced Canned Tuna” in the sector.

Integrating an environment-friendly supply-chain tracking and process course with a manner of health, quality, and delicate in products and services; it has been moving on the way of being a leading brand.

Our most important target is to introduce high-quality, nutritious and healthy products produced with an innovative manner to our customers. Our major principles are achieving a steady growth; and being respectful, sensible, and responsible against our employees and the institutions and organisations to whom we are in contact.

We are continuing to provide added value to our firm, Cukurova Region of Turkey, and the national economy by making our products our core values.

Sasu Üretim Standartları
The freshest fishes caught in the deep seas of the world’s various points are frozen instantly and shipped to our facility in a firm cold-chain tracking system, and then are put into process after all the analyses and controls are performed by our engineers.

Required fish-processing steps prior to canning process are carried out in our plants under required hygienic conditions.

After processing; the products are packaged and sealed untouched by human hands in our automation system, and are kept in sterilised stores for fermentation process.

Fermented products are gone through a final control and then they become ready for sale. They are then dispatched to the sale points.

Our company is certified by Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock. It also has a United Nations Certification Number in accordance with the HACCP rules of the European Union.

• ISO 22000

• ISO 9001

• ISO 14001


• Halal Certificate

• TSE Certificate